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Laudes Foundation is committed to providing transparent and timely information about our grantmaking efforts, aimed at addressing the dual crises of climate change and inequality.

Total 2022 commitment

Laudes Foundation’s active portfolio of grants in 2022 totalled EUR 225.6 million.

This amount includes the EUR 63.3 million of new grants made in 2022, of which EUR 35.3m (56%) was directed towards climate outcomes and EUR 28m (44%) towards inequality outcomes. 

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Total EUR 63.3m

*Building the field includes advocacy, strategic communications, effective philanthropy and strategy grants

Number of new and renewed initiatives

Laudes Foundation funded 141 new initiatives in 2022. Forty-two of these were existing partners receiving second or third grants. Of these, the grant received was nearly double, or more, the amount received in the first grant. 


new initiatives


Built environment




Building the field


Finance and capital markets


new partners


renewed partnerships

EUR 454K

increase in grant size of renewed initiatives

Median grant size and average duration

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our partners and giving them larger and longer grants to ensure they have the flexibility and security to test ideas, take risks, and create the most impact. Despite the consistent growth in both median grant size and average grant duration, we are working hard to increase both metrics further.  

Implementing and core support grants above EUR 50,000.

*Center for Effective Philanthropy custom cohort benchmark of Laudes Foundation 2022 grantee perception survey.

Geographic footprint of our active partner­ships

In order to shape business and industry practices, our partners operate across multiple geographic regions. We fund partners working in 56 countries, yet their work often extends beyond these borders. Nearly 42% of our active grants are designed to inspire and challenge industry leaders and policymakers to foster transformative changes with global significance. 

Our work in the built environment and finance and capital markets focusses on Europe, where we believe we can best leverage our networks to rally industry, investors and policymakers to support new business models and behaviours.

In the fashion industry, we work with global initiatives to influence brands and policymakers, while also supporting partners working in countries that are part of the supply chains across South Asia, South-East Asia and Brazil.

All sectors


Built environment

Finance and capital markets

Building the field




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Driving Impact

Measuring our progress on systems change

To be effective in contributing to systems change, we need to be flexible enough to adapt, based on evidence. Using our evaluative rubrics methodology, we work with partners to assess qualitative and quantitative evidence to measure their progress towards transformational change.

Measuring our progress
on systems change 

Laudes Foundation is conducting an ongoing Developmental Evaluation, engaging all levels of the foundation in collective reflection and learning. The aim of the Developmental Evaluation is to improve our effectiveness by providing evidence that guides well-informed strategy adaptation. 

In 2022 we focused our assessment on the initial progress towards the early and later changes of our Theory of Change, using the

early and later changes rubrics reported by partners on their annual learning reports. While all the rubric ratings showed a persistently unconducive context, confirming the type of change we wish to see in the system takes time, the evidence did point to positive signs of change across all three industries of focus. 

Positive signals of early and later changes expected, despite the generally unconducive ratings: