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Annual Report 2022

In this edition: Next page › Our impact Annual Report 2022 2022 was a tumultuous year. Inflation soared to levels not seen since the 1970s, causing economic turmoil. The largest scale land war since the Balkans shocked the world, highlighting escalating geopolitical conflicts. Coupled with strikes and weather-related disasters, this severely tested global supply chains. The number of severely food insecure people doubled from 135 million prior to the pandemic to around 276 million. And our global population
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Brazil Timeline

In this edition: Brazil For more than 30 years, the work of Laudes Foundation – previously C&A Foundation and Instituto C&A – has delivered positive impact for millions of people and helped inspire and transform industry in Brazil.  Launch of Instituto C&A Instituto C&A was launched to coordinate and boost the impact of the work the Family Charity Committee had been doing since 1976 when the first C&A store in the county was opened. Driven by the subsidiary principle – which holds that social issues should
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Annual Report 2021

In this edition: Annual Report 2021 Read the report
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Agri-Waste report Highlights

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Annual Report 2020

In this edition: Something extraordinary happened in 2020.  Facing an accelerating and horrific pandemic, many leaders across civil society, business and government recognised that we needed more than a quick fix. We needed a recovery that would not take us back to how we were, but instead propel us toward a fairer future.   ‘Build Back Better’ became the mantra, as policymakers scrambled to draft recovery plans. Optimism abounded. New economic thinkers shared compelling visions of what could be. More and m
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