Laudes Foundation's active portfolio of grants in 2020 totalled EUR 165 million.

This amount includes the EUR 66.9 million invested in 2020, as we started our journey towards accelerating the transition to a climate-positive and inclusive economy, plus the EUR 98.1 million in active partnership, carried over from the now retired C&A Foundation.

Laudes Foundation 2020 commitment (€)

Our 2020 commitment included EUR 3.3 million to respond to the urgent needs of our partners during the Covid-19 pandemic. The size of grants varied from EUR 5,000 to EUR 4.8 million with a median grant amount of EUR 200,000. 

*For more on the Mexico exit, read the Impact and Lessons page.

New Partnerships

162* initiatives implemented in 47 countries, were financed across the sectors and industries we support.

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*Partners that received more than €50,000 in programmatic and core-support funding or the Covid-19 emergency fund. 



We are funding partnerships in 47 countries yet our work often has a much broader geographic footprint. Nearly 50% of our active grants reach well beyond their home markets.  

Our work in the built environment and finance and capital markets focusses on Europe and the UK, where we believe we can best leverage our networks to rally industry, investors and policymakers to enable and support new business models.

Building on the work of the now retired C&A Foundation, we support partners in the fashion industry within both the apparel purchasing markets in Europe, Brazil and India and the apparel, textile and fibre producing countries across South Asia, South-East Asia and Brazil, where workers and farming communities live. 

Geographic distribution of active grants per program function by committed amount

Finance &

Capital Markets

Built environment

Fashion - labour rights

Fashion - materials

Other Strategic Grants